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Blogging….. I find it uncomfortable. I don’t like it.  It’s putting myself out there a little farther than I prefer.  It feels a bit like talking politics or religion at the Thanksgiving dinner table while in the company of my in-laws.  There is this underlying concern that I may offend someone with my opinion or perspective on a topic.  To say that these assignments will stretch me is an understatement.

While researching what makes a good blog and how to write a successful blog, I came across a blog with some suggestions.  It’s called the minimalist. ( They give 20 different suggestions for writing a successful blog.  Among many useful tips, they suggest to be transparent, honest, and to find your voice.  I can work on all three of these areas.  Who knows maybe it will become second nature. At least I can feel confident that I will have 15 followers.  I look forward to hearing from you Stockton cohort.  Let the blogging begin!


10 thoughts on “The Blog

  1. Suzanne,
    Your point are well taken. Blogging is stretching me further than I am used to being stretched as well. However, I am learning that some of the stretching is causing me to develop muscles that I am not used to using. The challenge now for me is to find a way to consistently exercise them.


  2. I too am in the same “this is uncomfortable” boat with everyone else. My biggest thing has always been “why on earth would any one actually care what I have to say?” I discuss things with my students, family and friends because, well honestly, they have no choice but to listen. However, to put myself out there into the “internet world”…no, not so much. One article that I found that made me laugh, think, and also look at my writing was “Why No One Cares What You Think (And How To Stop Being So Freaking Boring)” ( ). Maybe, if we can be interesting, lively and funny we can get someone to pay attention. Someone besides those that HAVE to read it anyway.


  3. At the risk of offending anyone, if we are going to change the status quo in education, a few ruffled feathers is going to be required. Education reform is a hot button topic on which everyone has an opinion. Our blogs are a place to push ourselves outside our comfort zones, discuss our journey in the doctoral program., and maybe even add some food for thought for the greater education community.


  4. Suzanne,
    I am with you on this! This is probably why I waited until the deadline to Blog. I, too have a difficult time putting myself out there creating that forever social media “Blueprint”. I like your example of talking religion or politics at the Thanksgiving Dinner…


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