What’s Your Password?



Bullying is an issue that has plagued schools for years, but these days bullying doesn’t end when the students leave campus.  Bullying can occur 24 hours a day with social media.  Cyberbullying has allowed bullies to continue their negative behavior outside of school and their victims unable to escape the situation.  Illinois has recently passed legislation that holds all bullying to the same standard for punishment (http://thinkprogress.org/health/2015/01/22/3614168/illinois-schools-cyberbullying/ ).  Some schools are informing parents that students will be asked to allow school personnel access to their social media passwords and accounts if they are suspected of cyberbullying. Although I agree with the premise, I am afraid that this may be going too far.  What’s your take on student privacy?


5 thoughts on “What’s Your Password?

  1. It is never too early to teach students about the appropriate use of social media, however when we start down this path we will ultimately end up in a conversation around freedom of speech and right to privacy. Does that only apply to those over 18? Of course not. Does it go away when it impedes on the rights of another to feel safe and secure at school, or anywhere else for that matter? Probably not from a constitutional standpoint, but from an ethical one yes.

    As teachers and educational leaders we have to teach our students that they have to be constantly thoughtful about what they put out on social media….just like we teach them that words can hurt in our classrooms, words can hurt online just the same.


  2. Look at you throwing a poll in there. Impressive. I couldn’t bring myself to vote on it, yet. This is such a complex issue and Kate brought up some good points.

    I don’t think a strict cutoff re freedom of speech starts at 18. However,when I think about jr high age kids, I think they may need more help navigating the consequences of their actions (on social media and in real life).

    Lots to consider here. Thanks for posting.


  3. Anything that a student puts out on social media eventually becomes public. They have to learn that. I would have no problem with any school age student being required to provide the school their passwords. Many more students would likely stop and think before hitting send.


  4. This is an area that is still evolving and treading lightly is best advised. With that said, anytime a student is harming another student, such as bullying, all bets are off. That is a violation of school rules and against a person. That, in my mind, would provide the foundation for search the social media of a student.


  5. Suzanne,

    It boggles my mind when i think about the depths of which we as a world have progressed with technology, only to have insensitive, mean-spirited, hateful individuals devalue its power by cyberbullying. Wow! Twenty-four hours a day, bullies can torment innocent people causes them to harm others or harm themselves……..I am so glad legislation is being passed throughout this land to combat these bullies and hopefully as messages are sent that we as a nation will not tolerate it…Just maybe it will go away! hopeful!


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