Watch out for that tree! I mean sign.


This weekend I had the pleasure of accompanying my daughter to a rather large sports competition.  All the teams were well versed in stunting, tumbling, cheering, and dancing. The level of athleticism amazes me every time.  That’s why I found it so interesting to watch a young girl (around 15 I think) walk directly into a sign.  You guessed it, she was busy texting.  I am sure she could do back handsprings right down the block and yet I watched her walk into a sign and fall flat on her back.  Don’t worry, she never dropped the phone.  In fact, she popped back up with ease.

I also love my technology, but please put the device down while you are walking, running, riding, or driving.  It’s just not worth it.


3 thoughts on “Watch out for that tree! I mean sign.

  1. This is definitely a problem in society today. While it may make a funny Youtube video, it is a serious problem when it comes to safety. I frequently talk to students about putting their devices down any time they are in public. Not only are there the problems with rudeness (who really wants to listen to another person’s drama?) but it can be extremely dangerous. When you are unaware of your surroundings you set yourself up as a victim. An article in the Daily Mail is about a man who waved around a gun and shot a commuter while the everyone was so absorbed in their phones and tablets they did not notice him there.
    I implore our students to not make themselves an easy victim.


  2. wow! Athleticism lost this battle. I agree with Sondra and am always talking to my daughter regarding the dangers of texting in her car in a parking lot. I’m so glad the girl was able to completely recover from her crash with the sign… others are not so fortunate.


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