Riding the online wave



Are online schools the wave of the future or shark infested water? It seems that there are just as many positives as potential negatives.  NPR recently ran an article that discusses this very issue (http://n.pr/1Bpw28b ).  Online programs offer convenience and flexibility, but what about accountability.  When the majority of course work happens outside of the physical classroom, sometimes hundreds of miles away, how can anyone be certain of the validity of assignments.  Critics are pointing to lower than average test scores and a lack of services for special populations such as special education as a reason to reconsider allowing such educational models.  The issue of quality schooling is a current problem that is being debated in both the public and private sector.  Can online education be the answer? How can we ensure that the education offered is a quality program?  Much as the article describes, I believe that any online program must incorporate a face-to-face component for added accountability.



2 thoughts on “Riding the online wave

  1. I believe it is the wave of the future with sharks taking bites out of the surfboards. What I mean is, even though the online courses offer flexibility and convenience, one must be able to be a self-motivator. I would suggest that many of our students are not…I call them microwave kids. They want everything done in a hurry and NOW! In our district, we offer APEX, an online program providing students with the opportunity for credit recovery / credit enhancement. I found that even though many of our students had personnel to assist them, it was difficult for many to finish courses in a timely manner.


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