When new teachers are left out in the cold!


Too often new teachers are hired after the start of the school year without much thought given to their success on a day to day basis.  When classroom positions open after the 1st day of school, new hires miss the typical new teacher orientation.  They are left asking simple questions like “How do I take attendance?” or “How do I access the curriculum?”  My doctoral team and I are working to add clarity for the many new teachers that our district hires.  As a result of a recent assignment, we worked to create an online module that will provide the necessary information that any new teacher will need.  If you would like to take a look at our module to get ideas for your own district follow the link: https://www.goorulearning.org/#collection-play&id=524ec51f-c1f4-470c-a75a-6b862da9ebf8 .


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